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Thursday May 05, 2011

Thursday May 05, 2011

Koneko is all by her lonesome this time but that doesn't stop her from talking about the anime and news that's grabbed her ear. Join her to learn what's the big news with Sailor Moon, CLAMP and the shows she's been watching! Now with more theme song!

Wednesday Mar 16, 2011

Episode 2 delves into the world of fandom with a side of Doctor Who comparisons. So join me, Koneko, along with my cohort Link Worshiper and our guest nerd Flinstone Kid as we talk and laugh about fandom and the 9th and 11th Doctors.

Anime 101: Shows You Must Know

Wednesday Feb 02, 2011

Wednesday Feb 02, 2011

Welcome to the inaugural podcast for Super Awesome Go Time on our drive back from Ohayocon. Join me, Koneko, and two of my friends (Link Worshiper and Under The Red Hot Moon) as we dive into the world of anime (and manga) giving you plenty of classic MUST KNOW things to read and watch. If you call yourself an anime fan you have to know you're awesome anime history. If you have no idea where to start we will give you plenty of places to jump on this crazy train called anime! It'd be good to have a pen to write this shit down cause it's goin' to blow your mind. :o
A note on sound quality. This was done in a car and thus there is a bit of background sound interference. Future casts will certainly be inside regular rooms. At least that is the plan.

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